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  1) Love and Learn (Pregnancy)
  2) Children and Parenting
  3) Bon Secours For Women


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Top Choices for Second Time Parents and Beyond





Expecting Multiples?



    • Expecting Multiples (What you need to know about medical and community support before and after delivery)
    • Infant and Child CPR (CPR and choking)
    • Breastfeeding basics (Women Only or go as a Couple)
    • Confident Childbirth (Take early and you will have your basics covered) 


Great Class Choices for Grandparents




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Parenting classes and support with Commonwealth Parenting
Bon Secours in partnership with Commonwealth Parenting, offers parents, with children of all ages, an array of classes dealing with the many complexities of parenting.

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Special Accomodations: We are happy to offer a wide variety of special accomodations to help meet your learning needs.  If you know you will need special accomdations (including translation services) please call the office before registering for classes (804-545-1958).


New Locations and Times!
What's New for Grandparents

What's New for Grandparents

Babies have been arriving for thousands of years, but some things do change. This is a quick update session for grandparents covering topics on pregnancy, support, safety and care of newborns during the first year of life and SIDS awareness. (2.5 hours)

What s New for Grandparents

Happiest Baby On the Block

  The Happiest Baby on the Block and the First Year of Life   

Would you like to learn how to calm a crying baby almost instantly? The innovative Happiest Baby approach introduced by renowned pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, teaches simple techniques that help to calm down even the fussiest baby in minutes. Learn about the missing '4th trimester,' the calming reflex, the 5 'S's' and the cuddle cure. Each family receives a Happiest Baby DVD. (2 hours) 

The Happiest Baby On the Block (and the First Year of Life)

New Offerings!
Finding Happily Ever After: The Postpartum Period

Finding Happily Ever After: The Postpartum Period

Transitioning from pregnant to parent isn't always as easy as it seems in the movies.  This class aims to prepare you for challenges that new parents face in the first few months after bringing baby home.  Topics include feelings, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, changes in your relationship, getting support from friends and family, taking care of mom and dad/partner, and transitioning back to work and finding childcare.  This is a great class for both mom and partner! (2.5 hours)

Finding Happily Ever After: The Postpartum Period

Advanced Comfort Measures

This class is aimed at those who have already completed a childbirth class; whether they finished last week or three years ago!  Our Lamaze certified childbirth educators will work with you to practice the comfort measures you learned in class and go over a few ways to expand upon those.  This class is mostly hands on, with minimal lecture, so please be sure to wear comfortable clothing.  Since it is essential that you have already completed a childbirth class please include in the comments section (during checkout) where you took your childbirth class.  This class can be taken multiple times during your pregnancy (2 hours).

Advanced Comfort Measures

My Birth, My Way

My Birth My Way

Better planning leads to more successful outcomes. Whether you are planning a low intervention birth or know you will be using medication as a tool for labor, this class is great for you. By taking this class early in pregnancy you will know which options will be available to you in labor with enough time to prepare before your baby's birth.

My Birth, My Way


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