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  1) Love and Learn (Pregnancy)
  2) Children and Parenting
  3) Bon Secours For Women Seminars

Classes Catalog

1) Love and Learn (Pregnancy)
        1) Preparing for Pregnancy
               Healthy Conception
               Natural Family Planning
        2) Birthing Center Tours and Prenatal Events
               Birthing Center Tours
        3) Your Pregnancy Journey, The First Trimester
               Choices in Childbirth
               Congratulations! You're Pregnant!
               Expecting Multiples Class
               My Birth, My Way
        4) Continuing Your Journey, The Second Trimester
               Boot Camp for New Dads
               Breastfeeding Basics (Couples)
               Breastfeeding Basics (Women Only)
               Finding Happily Ever After: The Postpartum Period
               First Steps for Fathers
               Newborn Basics
               Newborn Care and Safety
               Pre-Natal Fitness
               Prenatal Yoga with Mary Jo Lowery
        4a) Expectant Sibling Classes
               Little Siblings 2-3 yr olds
               Siblings are Special 4-6 yr olds
               Super Siblings 7-10 yr olds
        5) Preparing for the Birth of Your Child - The Third Trimester
               A Beautiful Birth
               A Brighter Birth
               A Woman's Place Lactation Center
               Accelerated Confident Childbirth
               Advanced Comfort Measures
               Bradley Birth of Richmond, Heather A. Hannon RN, MSN
               Cesarean Birth
               Confident Childbirth
               Confident Childbirth Refresher
               Doula Services - Julie Roeger
               Doula Services - Stewart, Kathy
               Doula Services- Krivanec, Sara
               Fast Track to Natural Childbirth
               How can I support my partner in labor?
               HypnoBirthing - Virginia HypnoBirthing
               HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education
               Lamaze - Full Circle Lamaze - classes offered at St. Mary's Hospital
               Lamaze: TLC Birthing Services
               Natural Childbirth Refresher with Bradley Birth of Richmond, Heather Hannon
               Teen Labor Basics (15-19 yr olds)
               The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth with Emily Elliot
        6) Anytime
               A Karen Touch Therapeutic Massage and Body Work, LLC.
               Affordable Spa Services
               All Therapeutic Massage
               Baby Budgeting Basics
               Baby Gear
               BabyProofing 101
               BabyWearing 101
               Bellies, Bottoms, and Backs
               BrightStar - In Home Care for Baby and Mom
               Cloth Diapering
               Designs By Cheryl
               Featured Items
               Glenmore Yoga and Wellness Center
               Glow Mommy
               Happiest Baby On the Block
               Infant and Child CPR
               Massage Within
               Nature's Touch Wellness Center- Massage Therapy
               Physical Therapy Services
               Private Classes
               Raising Green Richmond Kids
               Richmond SPCA
               Stroller Strides
               The Goodnight Story: What New Parents Need to Know about Babies and Sleep
               What's New for Grandparents
        8) After Delivery
               A Nurtured Beginning, LLC
               A Woman's Place Lactation Center
               Baby Signs - Parent Workshop
               Baby Signs - Sign, Say & Play
               Baby Signs-More Sign, Say & Play
               Back-to-Work Breastfeeding
               Kindermusik with Samantha
               Mini Mozarts: Music for Little Ones
               Moms Get Fit!
               Moms In Motion
               Music Together with Carol
        9) Community Support
               Breastfeeding Mothers' Groups
               Circle of Parents Support Group
               FAM Richmond Parenting Information
               Healing Voices Support Group
               ICAN of Richmond
               La Leche League of Richmond
               MISS Foundation - Richmond Chapter
               Richmond Area Mothers of Multiples (RAMOM)
               SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Support Group
               Southside Mothers of Multiples (SAMOM)
               The Women's Counseling Center
        Baby Club
               Baby Club Details
               Online Learning Books
        Richmond Community Hospital
               Richmond Community Hospital Prenatal Classes

2) Children and Parenting
        1) Health Care
               Noah's Children
               Teddy Bear Clinic Field Trip Program
               Teddy Bear Clinic Field Trip Schedule St. Francis
               Teddy Bear Clinic Field Trip Schedule St. Mary's
               Teddy Bear Clinic Field Trip to Watkins Centre
        2) Parenting
               Dad Chat (For Dads) and Nobody Told Me (For Moms) Support Groups
               Little Kids: Big Questions: Parenting Children 6-24 Months
        4) Safe Sitter Baby Sitting Classes
               Safe Sitter - Babysitting Classes

3) Bon Secours For Women Seminars
        1) Seminars
               What Women Put Up With
        2) Class Registration Directions
               Directions to Register for Classes Online

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